The Ignite Conference 2022 Speaker

A graduate of The Master’s University & Seminary, Dr. Abner Chou’s service to TMUS began in 2004 when he was invited to teach a Greek class to undergraduate students. But long before he would set foot in the classroom as an instructor, the Lord was preparing him for a lifetime of commitment to academic excellence and biblical fidelity.


Prior to coming to TMU as a student, Dr. Chou believed that the Bible was shallow and boring. Upon studying it deeply, however, he realized that the Word of God is the most profound truth, and that the God of the Word is absolutely almighty, sovereign, transcendent and unsearchable. From then on, he has dedicated his life to ensuring that no one entrusted to his care would ever again view Scripture as dull, but rather behold what it truly is: the most compelling revelation of the one, true and most glorious God.

Dr. Chou has taught a variety of classes in Bible and theology. He also established and led the five-year B.A./M.Div. program that allows students to graduate with a B.A. in Biblical Languages from TMU and an M.Div. from TMS. He currently serves as President (Interim) of The Master's University & Seminary.